Ela Amarie

Ela is a Psychologist and certified Mindfulness Trainer. 2012 she founded Mindful Brain and since then she’s been teaching Mindfulness in Zurich.

What kind of training do you have?

– Certification in Cultivation of Emotional Balance course from the Santa Barbara institute for Consciousness Studies, taught by PhD Paul Ekman and PhD B Alan Wallace
– MBSR (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction) and MBCT (Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy) teacher, certified by the Institute for Mindfulness Based Approaches (IMA)
– Certification in Mindfulness in Education by the Mindfulness in School Project
– SYI (Search Inside Yourself) trainer – the well-renowned mindfulness and emotional intelligence leadership course developed at Google – by Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute
– Certified Yoga Teacher by Samahita Retreat
– Member of the Swiss Mindfulness Association and Mindful Brain has been given the EM-Fit Standard Quality Label for Mindfulness and Stress-Reduction Programs.

What’s class like ?

In my classes we disconnect from the daily business and experience simple and easy mindfulness meditation practices that will bring clarity, peace of mind and emotional balance. We start by getting to know each other and comparing expectations and ideas. Then I will guide you step by step through the meditation. By concentrating on breathing we always come back to the present moment. At the end we share our experiences and learnings. You don’t need any special clothing for that class.

Why do you teach Mindfulness Meditation?

Our minds often get carried away with all kinds of thought associations in which dwelling on the past and projecting into the future get all mixed up. Distracted and confused, we become withdrawn from immediate reality and fall prey to reactive emotions and automatic behavior.

When we live with greater attention and presence, we respond more effectively to any given situation – be it positive, negative or neutral – in a way that benefits our general well-being.

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