Let your energy flow with our chakra yoga course

Awaken your full potential and live in harmony with your highest self.

In a two part yoga course Karin will introduce you to the fascinating world of the chakras. What are chakras? What do they stand for? How do I feel if my chakras are in balance? How can I integrate the knowledge of the chakras into my everyday life? Karin will answer all these questions and guide you through a Chakra Flow that includes poses, breathing techniques, meditation, mantras and affirmations. You will also receive useful tips on how to awaken, strengthen and balance your chakras.

This is because each of the seven chakras represents a specific life theme, such as trust, intuition, self-esteem or connection. Thus, each of the chakras has a specific meaning for the body, mind and our energy system. Those who enrich their lives with the knowledge of the chakras and unite their own yoga practice with this knowledge can expand their consciousness, gain clarity, activate energies and experience healing.

Suitable for all yogi levels, whether beginner, advanced or yoga teacher.

This course is for you if
– you always wanted to know more about the seven chakras
– you are looking for more energy, balance and self-esteem in your life
– you want to find out if your chakras are in balance and how you can strengthen them
– you want to do something for yourself again

After this 2-part course…
– you know the 7 chakras and their meaning
– know how to strengthen and balance your chakras
– know how to use the chakras in everyday life and in your yoga practice.

This is a two-part course. In the first part we will cover the first four chakras. The second part is about the chakras 5 to 7 and a deepening.

Time: Sunday, 10-11:15 am
Date: Part I: November 14th to 28th 2021, Part II: January 16th to Februar 6th 2022
Location: BRING IT OM*, Kreuzstrasse 41, 8008 Zürich (next to Stadelhofen, Bellevue, Kreuzplatz)
Language: English/German
Participants: max. 6 (min. 3)
Price: CHF 95 / 125**

Book part I here:

Book part II here:


*In the event of another lockdown or further restrictions by the federal government or cantons as a result of Covid-19, the course will continue online.
**students, retired and handicapped people, healthcare workers receive a price reduction of 20%. Please reach out to me for more information: karin@bringitom.ch

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