New: Pilates Mini-Course in December

Are you looking for an efficient workout to strengthen and stretch your body? A class that is fun and will help you progress? Pilates is a holistic movement method that improves strength, flexibility and structural balance. It is a so-called “low impact” method. This means that even if you have certain limitations (e.g. knee pain) you can do this workout without pain and build up your muscles in a targeted way so that complaints can even disappear completely. Pilates is suitable for everyone. No previous experience is necessary. However, if you want to improve your body awareness and learn the Pilates method from scratch, a beginners’ course is a good idea.

BRING IT OM offers a Pilates mini courses in the studio* from December. Strengthen your core muscles and have an efficient workout in Advent. We train in small groups of maximum 8 participants. Our boutique studio is located directly at Stadelhofen.

Do you want to feel fit and well in your body again? Do you want to do a sport that helps you move forward and is easy on your joints? Do you want to strengthen your core to feel less pain in everyday life? This 3-week course is just right for you.

Our experienced trainer Tanja Frey will teach you how to train your body and work on your goals. She pays close attention to your posture and gives you helpful tips. All this in the personal atmosphere of a small boutique studio. You will feel good all around – in body and mind.

Most important information about the course:
Time: Wednesday 18:00 to 18:55
Dates: December 1st to 15th (3 times)
Costs: CHF 89
Number of participants: max. 8 (minimum 4 participants)
Equipment: Mats, rings and other equipment are available on site.
Language: German and/or English
Level: suitable for all levels

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* In the event of a lockdown or further restrictions due to Covid-19, the lesson will continue online.

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