5 things you shouldn’t do before your handstand practice

Do you like inversions like handstand, forearmstand or headstand? These poses are challenging and demand a lot. To practice safely, there are some things you should not do. Especially when it comes to eating and drinking, there are some things you should not do. Here is the top 5 things you should not do before handstand practice:

1. eating just before the handstand

You shouldn’t eat anything just before practicing inversions. The body has no chance to digest the food. As soon as you put your heart over your head, the undigested food will go back to where it came from. It is best to eat a light meal 1.5 to 2 hours before training

2. no food at all before handstand training

It is basically no problem to do a handstand on an empty stomach. However, if you have up to one hour of intensive handstand training ahead of you, it is recommended to take at least a light snack (bars, dried fruits). You need carbohydrates to have enough strength and endurance.

3. drink juice before the handstand training

Do not drink fruit juice before your handstand training. It has a negative effect on your digestion and your food might reflux. It is best to drink water or any other training drink that you have had good experience with.

4. fatty food before handstand training

Never eat fatty food before handstand training. Fat takes much longer to digest than carbohydrates. Carbohydrates such as Oat Meal, bread or dried fruit are good.

5. handstand with jetleg

You should not practice your handstand when you have just completed a long distance flight. The body and the internal clock are then out of balance. Wait a day and then start again slowly.

Important: Every body is different. For some of you, different key rules apply. Try out what works best for you.

What tips do you have for handstand training? I would be happy if you share them with us in the comments!

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