Alex L. Phillips

Alex is a passionate Pilates teacher. She makes sure that every class is fun and everything but boring. With every lesson with Alex you feel better and stronger.

What kind of training do you have?

I did my post-grad degree in experiential learning, mat Pilates courses with BodyMotion and am a certified barre instructor, Lagree Fitness instructor and outdoor educator. I will complete my Comprehensive (equipment) Pilates teacher training certification with BASI in summer 2019.

Additionally, I’ve taken multiple pre and postnatal Pilates courses with BASI, Jessica Valant and the International Ballet Barre Fitness Association and was the first applicant accepted to Anula Maiberg’s mentorship program. My undergraduate degree is in art history, which taught me how to look closely at details and ask questions, something I use every day in the studio.

What’s class like?

I see my job as teaching, not instructing. I don’t just tell you what to do, walk away and turn the music up. I also won’t yell at you. I want you to be able to apply what we do in class tot he rest of your life and feel better in and about your body. I want to make our sessions fun. That means listening to great playlists and laughing at how weird Pilates exercises can be.

Why Pilates and not yoga ?

This feels like a trick question. Pilates works for me and I like sharing it with other people. Yoga is great – I’ve studied under some amazing teachers – but it’s just not what I chose to specialize in. Don’t know the difference between the two ? The best thing ist o try a class and see the similarities and differences yourself.

What sports do you do besides Pilates ?

I love being in nature. I like to go hiking or skiing.

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