Alexa Vollenweider

Alexa is a certified Yoga Teacher based in Zurich. Alexa is a natural leader with a wise and caring heart! She is the essence of love and compassion and makes everyone around her feel welcome and taken care of.

What kind of training do you have?

Apart from my years of own practice since 2012, I did my first Hatha Vinyasa 200hr Yoga Teacher Training with Nico Luce in October 2018. My thirst for knowledge made me read anatomy books in my free time and I signed up for two additional online programs to enhance my horizon (Detour Method Online with Yoga Detour (18 hr), 21-Day-Hip-Opening-Challenge with Lucas Rockwood Yogabody® (5 hr)).

What’s your class like ?

I love to break down asanas into their individual components, teach how to access those smaller components of the more complex movement and then put them back together such that the final pose can be done with a deeper understanding and ease. From time to time, I like to integrate more playful elements. My classes are filled with positivity, humour and common sense.

Why Yoga and not Pilates?

I love the versatility of Yoga. I can make a class physically or mentally demanding, focused on breath, on stretching or make it super relaxing. I find joy in using that freedom to adapt the class to the energy of the current class.

What sports do you do besides yoga?

I have been doing pole dance for seven years and this year I started with focused handstand training. In summer, you can also spot me in climbing walls. My yoga practice has grown stronger and more versatile by combining the best of each.

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