Postponed: Pilates courses in the studio

Update due to lockdown regulations: we need to postpone these two workshops. Please sign up for our newsletter to get informed once we can put the courses back on schedule. Thanks!

Are you looking for an efficient workout to strengthen and stretch your body? A class that is fun and will help you progress? Pilates is a holistic movement method that improves strength, flexibility and structural balance. It is a so-called “low impact” method. This means that even if you have certain limitations (e.g. knee pain) you can do this workout without pain and build up your muscles in a targeted way so that complaints can even disappear completely. Pilates is suitable for everyone. No previous experience is necessary. However, if you want to improve your body awareness and learn the Pilates method from scratch, a beginners’ course is a good idea.

BRING IT OM offers two Pilates courses in the studio* from January: a beginners’ course and a Pilates & Ring course. We train in small groups of maximum 4 participants. Our boutique studio is located directly at Stadelhofen. In this article you will find more information about these two courses.

Pilates Beginner Course

Learn the Pilates method from scratch in this 6-part course. How do you activate your abdominal muscles correctly to strengthen your core and avoid back pain? What is the alignment in the different exercises? How do I use my breathing correctly? What adjustments can I make so that I can train without discomfort? Our experienced teacher Tanja Frey will guide you step by step through the exercises. At the same time you will be challenged at your level and get an efficient workout.

What you will learn in this course:
– Activate the powerhouse correctly (torso stability).
– How to perform the exercises correctly
– Individual adjustments for your body

Who is this class for? For all who…
– … have never worked with the Pilates method before
– … would like to learn the Pilates method correctly from scratch
– … would like to train without discomfort and would like to know how to adapt their practice individually
– … are looking for an efficient workout and want to get stronger
– … would like to train in a fixed small group

Most important information about the course:
Time: Monday 18:00 to 18:55
Dates: 4 January to 8 February 2021
Costs: CHF 275
Number of participants: max. 4 (minimum 3 persons)
Equipment: Mats and other equipment are available on site.
Language: German and/or English

Pilates & Ring

Mat Pilates with a twist. In this 6-part Pilates & Ring course you will work according to the proven Pilates method with the aid of the Pilates ring. The ring is an ideal addition to the normal training on the mat. It adds variety and strengthens your arms and legs in particular. This makes your usual Pilates training even more effective.

What will you learn in this class?
– How to use the Pilates ring in different ways
– How to strengthen and stretch muscles with the Pilates ring
– How to stabilise your body with an additional level of difficulty

Who is this course suitable for? For all those who…
– … are looking for more variety in their training routine
– … who want to work specifically on legs, buttocks and arms (in addition to the core)
– … who are looking for an efficient and effective workout
– … who want to start the new year stronger and more flexible

Most important information about the course:
Time: Wednesday 18:00 to 18:55
Dates: 6 January to 10 February 2021
Costs: CHF 330
Number of participants: max. 4 (minimum 3 participants)
Equipment: Mats, rings and other equipment are available on site.
Language: German and/or English

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* In the event of a lockdown or further restrictions due to Covid-19, the lesson will continue online.

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