6 important tips for yoga beginners

1. find your yoga style

Yoga is an ancient philosophical teaching from India, which today knows a whole range of styles. The choice ranges from very meditative classes in which one hardly moves, to physically very demanding classes. So ask yourself what you are looking for and find out about the different styles. Here you will also find a short overview of the most important styles and their differences.

2. find your yoga teacher

Even if yoga teachers offer the same style, the classes can still be very different. Since yoga has not only a physical but also a spiritual component, it is important that you find a teacher who suits you. So don’t get discouraged if it doesn’t “click” in the first attempts. Just try different lessons. Here you will find an overview of the teachers at BRING IT OM.

3. wear comfortable clothes and leave out the socks

You don’t need any particular clothing for yoga, it should be comfortable and allow you freedom of movement. We usually practice barefoot, so you have a good grip on the mat. If you are cold in winter, you can also wear special toe socks with pimples on the soles. It is also good to have a sweater with you so that you don’t freeze during the final relaxation pose (savasana).

4. inform your teacher about injuries

If you had an injury, only go to yoga if your doctor allows you to. Then inform the teacher about possible restrictions. The teacher can show you options to modify your poses so that you can practice without pain.

A simple yoga flow for beginners.

5. don’t stress yourself!

If you attend your first yoga classes and see that other participants are so flexible and strong, it can be discouraging. Please don’t stress yourself. Yoga is about going your own way and accepting your own body as it is. We all have different prerequisites and work with what we have. Concentrate on your own practice and be sure that with regular practice progress will come all by itself.

6. pay attention to good alignment

If you practice yoga frequently, it is important to have a good alignment. Especially in the Downwardfacing Dog many small mistakes can creep in quickly, which are difficult to correct. If you do yoga poses incorrectly over a longer period of time, you may experience pain or limited movement. Therefore, it makes sense to attend a beginner workshop where all positions will be explained to you in detail. So you know what to look for in future classes. BRING IT OM offers a beginner workshop from time to time.

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