How the vision board can change your life

What do you want to do in your life? Don’t make resolutions every year that you can’t keep. Realize your innermost dreams with the vision board.

Always at the beginning of the year we make new resolutions. More sport, less smoking, more time for yourself. The resolutions are as different as we humans are. If we are honest, the resolutions are usually forgotten in February and we live our everyday lives.

How can I put into practice what I dream of deep inside me?

The vision board is a tool that works in the long run and that you can create or update at the beginning of the year. You can fill it out alone or with your partner, your family, friends. Or you can share it later with your community. Sharing dreams is beautiful, you’ll see.

How the vision board works

In the first column of the vision board you enter how you imagine your life in 10 years to be in terms of health, family, work and community. In the second column you write why you want your life this way and not differently. In the third and fourth column you note which milestones you want to reach in five and one years, respectively, in order to get closer to your 10-year goals.

Write your sentences in the present or future, but not in the subjunctive. Pretend that your visions are reality and not just wishful thinking. Start like this:

In 10 years I will own a house and have a family… or something like that.

Why does the vision board work better than good resolutions?

The vision board is designed for 10 years and gives you a lot of time to realize your dreams. So you don’t have so much pressure and it’s not so bad when everyday life catches up with you again. It is also not about you having achieved exactly that in 10 years, but rather about you getting an idea of what you want to experience in your life. Once you have written it down, you suddenly notice the many opportunities that open up and can grab them.

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