Karin Baltisberger

Karin is the founder of BRING IT OM and internationally certified Vinyasa yoga teacher (500 RYT), Yin yoga teacher (60 YACEP), Yoga Nidra Teacher (25 YACEP) and Pilates teacher (60 YACEP). She also manages the digital business of a Swiss insurance company and often helds speeches.

What kind of training do you have?

I did my 200-hour teacher training with Nico Luce. He attaches great importance to anatomy and correct alignment. You can also feel this in my courses. In 2019 I completed the Yin Yoga Teacher Training (60 hrs YACEP) and in 2020 a Pilates Teacher Training (60 hrs YACEP) with Nico Luce. In 2021 I finished a Yoga Nidra Teacher Training and my 300 hour Teacher Training.

I am also a graduate communicator and trained moderator. I work full time for a swiss insurance.

What’s class like ?

My Vinyasa Yoga classes have a clear structure. We start gently and I give you time to arrive on your mat. Then we warm up the body so that we are perfectly prepared for the peak pose. The peak pose is the highlight of every lesson and usually an advanced pose that challenges you and on which we can work. Then we will slow down again, stretch and counter balance the exercises. After Shavasana you will feel the after yoga glow.

Why Yoga and not Pilates?

Honestly, I like both. I’m a little more drawn to yoga as a practitioner, cause I love the flow and the well constructed sequences as well as the philosophy part. Pilates on the other hand is a great tool to build up strength and to practice very efficiently. Pilates helped me a lot in my handstand journey, cause stabilizing the mid section (belly, back, pelvic floor) is key. I also did my Pilates teacher training. From time to time I have the opportunity to sub one of the classes at BRING IT OM and I love it.

What sports do you do besides yoga?

Whenever I can I go out in nature. I love hiking. I practice active stretching and handstands.


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