Motivation – how to keep up with it

By Karin Baltisberger

There’s a lot going on in my everyday life – and I’m always active during the holidays, too. In addition to my full-time job, I run a yoga and Pilates studio in Zurich Seefeld, give yoga classes and workshops, practice yoga daily and now learn the handstand. And as if that wasn’t enough, I still have a lot of hobbies, like to meet my friends and occasionally act as a keynote speaker or presenter. Sometimes I’m asked how I manage to do so much at once and always keep up, never losing motivation.

Let’s get ahead of ourselves: there is no secret recipe. And sometimes I just like to sit in front of the TV. But there are a few tips that help me create a lot and keep my energy and motivation high. I would like to share this with you in this blog. If you have good tips yourself, please share them in the comments, so we can all learn from each other!

Think big, start small!

We’d like to do big things and then we quickly realize that the way is rockier than we thought, and everything goes much slower. That’s why I always set myself big goals, but then work on milestones that I can achieve. That’s how I never lose sight of the big picture and stay tuned. At the same time, I don’t lose my motivation if the goal is not achieved within a few weeks. Every time you reach a milestone, the additional motivation for the next one is there.

Focus yourself!

Multitasking is a popular thing and we women are supposedly so good at it. We often get bogged down and in the end, we do everything a bit, but nothing right. «Kill your darling», a good friend once told me, and he’s right. We can’t have everything or at least not everything at once. Focus on one thing, do it with full passion.

Be passionate!

In order to be able to focus, you must know what you really enjoy and what you are passionate about. Make room in your life and free yourself from everything that doesn’t make you happy and that you’re not passionate about.

Grant yourself breaks!

Find out how you can best recover. After a long day at work where I worked a lot with my head, yoga is the best rest for me. Sometimes I lie down in front of the TV or I read a book. There are also people who relax when they meet with friends, others prefer to be alone. Whether active or passive relaxation, incorporate this time into your daily routine. In this way you can gather new energy for the next adventures.

Eat, drink, sleep!

Nobody can perform well if they don’t eat regularly and healthy, drink and sleep enough. I sleep between 7 and 9 hours a day. Sometimes businesspeople tell me that this is a waste of time and that you can still sleep when you’re dead. I find that quite macabre. Apart from that, it is scientifically proven that those who sleep enough live longer. Sleeping, eating, drinking are natural sources of energy and motivation.

Just do it!

My last tip is really very simple, but just as effective. There are days when we have a lot to do, but we put everything off and always find new reasons why we can’t start now. My tip: Just do it! Don’t think about it anymore, just start. Now. Immediately. Yes, you! Do it 🙂

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