Yoga for beginners

Start your yoga journey in November: Beginner Course

Do you want to learn the beautiful tradition of yoga? Do you want to build up more strength and expand your flexibility? Do you look for a way to release stress? Yoga could be the answer and might change your whole life.

This 3-week course is the perfect start into your personal yoga journey. Learn everything you need for a healthy and sustainable practice. This course is 70 per cent practical exercises and 30 per cent theory. We practice in small groups (6 people) to benefit the most.

After this course:

  • you will be able to practice Sun Salutations
  • you’ll know the most common postures
  • you’ll know a sequence that you can practice at home
  • you will be able to correct yourself
  • you can join every other yoga class and you will feel safe


This course includes:

  • a syllabus that you will receive beforehand
  • information sheets and documents on the topics and sequences covered
  • a journal and a pen to take notes


This course is for you:

  • if you are new to yoga
  • if you want to go over the basic alignment of the most common postures
  • if a “normal” yoga class goes too fast for you and you need more time to understand the poses and flows
  • if you are looking for a way to release stress, tension or even chronic pain


Time: Thursday, 18:30 – 20:30
Date: November 18th to December 2nd (3 times)
Location: BRING IT OM*, Kreuzstrasse 41, 8008 Zürich (next to Stadelhofen, Bellevue, Kreuzplatz)
Language: English/German
Participants: max. 6 (min. 3)
Price: CHF 225*

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*In the event of another lockdown or further restrictions by the federal government or cantons as a result of Covid-19, the course will continue online.
**students, retired and handicapped people, healthcare workers receive a price reduction of 20%. Please reach out to me for more information:

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