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Journaling: Write yourself to a better life!

Journaling is a method by which you reflect your thoughts and feelings. No matter if you write only once in a while or every day: Journaling helps you to realize your goals and dreams and to live in harmony with yourself.

Would you like to learn how journaling works and how it can help you live a happier life? In this blog post, learn the key principles to get started with journaling. Maybe you are wondering what all this has to do with yoga, meditation or Pilates? Body and mind are not two separate parts, but belong together. Yoga, meditation and Pilates help you to connect body and mind. This happens not only on the mat, but also off the mat. Journaling is therefore a good method that you can use before or after your practice.

What is journaling?

Journaling is not the same as writing a diary. Maybe you wrote a diary as a child or teenager. It was about capturing your thoughts. Journaling is more a writing therapy, a personality development. It is about honest reflection of your thoughts and feelings. It is about answering important questions, manifesting mantras and positive beliefs.

What are the benefits?

Journaling helps you to gain more serenity and peaceful thoughts. It helps you to reach your goals and realize your dreams. It gives you more clarity and makes you more productive. It can also reduce anxiety and doubt, create more confidence and self-esteem.

How do I start?

– Find a quiet place
– Grab a notebook and a pen
– Close your eyes and reflect on your day
– Ask yourself questions. For example:
○ How am I doing right now?
○ What has upset me today and why?
○ With what intention do I want to face today (or tomorrow)?
○ What am I grateful for?
○ What do I want to change, keep, let go of in my life?
○ What would my self 10 years older say to me now?
○ …
– Dive in and start writing. There is no right and wrong!
– Set yourself a time limit.
– Read your text again at the end and add additional thoughts.
– Establish a writing routine. It doesn’t have to be daily, just regular.

What journaling methods are there?

Free writing
There are no rules here. There’s just you, a pen and a piece of paper. Just write down whatever’s on your mind.

You can create all kinds of lists. For example a list of things you want to have experienced until your death (bucket list) or a to-do list for next year. A list of favourite people. A list of habits you want to get rid of, etc. Be creative!

A letter that is never sent
Write a letter you’ll never send. It can go to a real person, to a celebrity, to a deceased person or to yourself in the future or in the past.

Vision Board
Here you can enter your desired life in one, in five and in ten years. You can find a template here.

Sketch note
The brain can remember things best when writing and drawings are combined. Try it out, draw and describe your dream life, your goals for the next year or what makes your soul dance.

Dream Journaling
This method helps you to remember your dreams. Write down what you dreamt the very morning after you wake up. This will improve your memory and you will find out why certain dreams keep coming back – even nightmares.

Writing dialogues
Write in dialogues. As if you were talking to yourself. Ask a question and answer.

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